WW II U.S. Paratroopers (20mm Britannia  miniatures)
Dark Imperium Starter Set miniatures. Space Marines & Death Guard, new, on sprue

 from the dean 


Broken Egg Gymkin Tokens And Q Workshop Grymkin DiceWARHAMMER CHAOS LORD OF CHANGE GREATER DAEMON OF TZEENTCH METAL PAINTED OOPWarhammer Age of Sigmar Dwarf Fyreslayers Auric Runesmiter on Magmadredh 92Terror In Gotham Batman Miniature Game Knight models New and Sealed

25mm biblical hebrew - infantry 27 figures - inf (12791)


We are not your standard school. Like Peter, our beloved Anteater mascot, we’re quirky and different. We’re on a mission to create positive change in society, economies and human well-being by breaking down traditional barriers and pushing the limits in teaching, research and service. Doing so requires a different attitude, aim and set of actions. Learn more about ours below in our strategic plan.

Khorne Chaos Space Marine World Eaters 40k Warhammer Painted large Army job lot25mm napoleonic french - old guard 40 figures - inf (33763)25mm classical greek - ancient infantry - inf (14207)Item fantasy warhammer - chaos barbarian skirmishers 17 metal - (19721)
After checking us out and you find you’re someone who gets as excited as we do about these possibilities, we invite you to join us in our pursuit.

25mm dark ages viking - warriors 12 figures - inf (28278)
Bill Maurer, Dean


Set A 5 x 28mm European PREPAINTED BUILDING KITSAge Of Sigmar Tempest Of Souls - English Games Workshop Brand New25mm colonial british - boer war battle group 20 figures - inf (24600)6mm napoleonic french - battle group (adler) 144 figures - inf (29969)

Giants Of Albion (Bologs) Dogs Of War, Regiments of Renowned Warhammer Unpainted |   Warhammer Fantasy 3rd Edition Blood Bowl Complete