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Middle school girls interested in STEM careers will get an extra boost in support from the University of Oregon, thanks to a national science grant. The money will go toward after school programs in the 4J school district.

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KLCC News Director Rachael McDonald, Morning Edition host Anni Katz, and reporters Brian Bull and Tiffany Eckert discuss the news stories on KLCC this week in our new weekly podcast The Northwest Passage.

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Oregon lawmakers have signed off on Resident Evil 2 The Board Game - Giant Alligator Exp. (KS Add on) that would ban the use of cyanide devices to control predators.

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In Southeast Asia's only landlocked country, the Mekong River is a lifeline. From a slow boat heading up the river in Laos, you'll see fishermen working in their boats, riverside farms where bananas grow, and domesticated buffalo lazing. Occasionally a ferry chugs by. From time to time, steps leading to a riverside village become visible on the banks through the foliage. The wind is swift, and the brown fresh water laps up onto the side of the boat.

Just over 9 miles north of Luang Prabang, a startling aberration appears: five giant concrete pylons rising out of the water.

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Two years after winning the Warlord Games Saxon Ceorls 28mm Hail Caesar Vikings Viking Saxony Anglo-Saxon for best rock album, Ariovistus Falling Sky Expansion & Update Kit - GMT is back with its fifth studio album, Social Cues, out now. But since the band's last album, 2015's Tell Me I'm Pretty, there hasn't been much celebration. The band's members have experienced plenty of loss — from friends dying from overdoses to divorce. Those changes made it into the music of this latest album.

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Rachael McDonald

Lane County Public Works will open new disposal sites for debris that fell during February’s snowstorm. For the next three Saturdays, trees, limbs, and branches will be accepted in Rattlesnake, Marcola, and Oakridge.

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According to Amnesty International, the U.S.-led coalition's offensive against ISIS in Raqqa killed nearly 10 times more civilians than the U.S. military has acknowledged.

Amnesty produced names of more than 1,000 people reported killed from June to October 2017 in the northern Syrian city. The group says it has directly verified 641 of those and thatTTCombat - Deluxe Dungeon Set - Role Player Gameshave "credible" reports of an additional 600. Amnesty adds that its conservative estimate of the number of civilians killed is at least 1,600.


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