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White House’s Misguided Immigration Reform Plan Is Set for Failure

President Trump announced his new plan for overhauling the legal immigration system on Thursday. The plan is short on details, but it rests on principles that the Trump administration has touted before. Specifically, the proposal emphasizes the desire to radically curtail family-based immigration while prioritizing certain attributes that are viewed as an expression of “merit.” […]

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Immigration Judges and Advocates Criticize Immigration Court System for ‘Propaganda’

Amid growing calls for reforming the immigration court system, last week the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) sparked criticism when it put out a document “Myths vs. Facts About Immigration Proceedings.” The document, which claimed to bust 18 different “myths,” seemed intended to assuage concerns about the agency. Instead, it was met with widespread […]

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Federal Court Allows Controversial ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy to Continue
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Federal Court Allows Controversial ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy to Continue

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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is resuming its controversial “Remain in Mexico” policy. This policy requires asylum-seeking Central American migrants who arrive at our Southern border to return to Mexico to await their immigration court hearings in the United States. A federal judge in California had previously blocked the policy’s implementation until the court […]

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Working Together Towards Shared Goals Can Help Heal America’s Deepest Divides

Working Together Towards Shared Goals Can Help Heal America’s Deepest Divides

There are two pervasive trends taking hold in America today. One is deepening polarization and seemingly insurmountable political and cultural divides. And thanks to the rise in social media and the decline in membership in civic and faith groups, we are also becoming a nation of lonely-loners. Our country is plagued by too much individualism […]

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More Immigrants Requesting to Return to Their Countries of Origin Under Threat of Deportation
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More immigrants facing deportation are requesting “voluntary departure” from the United States instead of fighting their cases in court. Voluntary departure is a process though which certain immigrants who the government is trying to deport in immigration court leave the United States without receiving a removal order. The number of applications for voluntary departure in […]

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The Florida legislature recently passed SB 168 with the stated intent of ensuring that state officials and agencies fully cooperate with federal immigration authorities in enforcing immigration law. SB 168 could have far-reaching consequences in a state where one in five residents is an immigrant. SB 168 would prohibit any state/local entity or law enforcement […]

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New York Magazine, this week, tells the story of a Trump-Loving Town and its Favorite Undocumented Immigrant. The story features Alex Garcia, a native of Honduras, who has built deep personal relationships with his working class, Trump-supporting neighbors who are now organizing to prevent his deportation.

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Each new generation of immigrants to the United States has, in time, achieved a high degree of integration into U.S. society. Whether it was immigrants from southern and eastern Europe a century ago, or immigrants from Asia and Latin America today, newcomers eventually master English, settle into U.S. communities and workplaces, and contribute to the […]

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Federal Court Stops USCIS Policy Harmful to Students and Exchange Visitors

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A federal district court recently prevented U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) from imposing a new policy that radically changed how the agency determines when a foreign student or exchange visitor is “unlawfully present” in the United States. “Unlawful presence” is a legal term used to describe any time spent in the United States after a foreign national’s period of authorized […]

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White House Demands Additional $4.5 Billion for Border

In a move designed to ratchet up pressure on Congress, last week the White House sent an emergency budget request to Congress asking for $4.5 billion of funding to deal with increased numbers of families arriving at the border. The money includes a request for funds that would permit Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to […]

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